Raumfahrt - Two scientific rockets will be launched from Andøya Space Center



ASC operates two sounding rocket launch bases, respectively at Andøya (69°N) and Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard (79°N). Combined, these bases offer a variety of rocket trajectories and access to all layers of the atmosphere.


Two scientific rockets will be launched from Andøya Space Center in the period from March 3rd to March 19th 2018. The launches will be conducted between 1800-2200 local time, in the announced period.

Seagoing traffic is requested to be aware of the following hazard areas:

Hazard area 1
An area defined by the following coordinates (DDMM.M):
1.      6917.5N-01600.5E
2.      6920.0N-01548.7E
3.      6938.9N-01455.1E
4.      6952.5N-01456.0E
5.      6959.2N-01557.0E
6.      6949.6N-01629.8E
7.      6922.5N-01609.0E
8.      6917.9N-01602.6E
9.      6917.5N-01600.5E
Hazard area 2
An area defined by the following coordinates (DDMM.M):
1.      7325.2N-00632.0E
2.      7420.6N-01626.7E
3.      7331.0N-02025.7E
4.      7230.6N-02105.1E
5.      7136.4N-01949.1E
6.      7043.0N-01722.4E
7.      7022.9N-01248.1E
8.      7037.6N-00927.1E
9.      7120.4N-00649.6E
10.  7212.9N-00544.4E
11.  7325.2N-00632.0E
Sounding rockets launched from ASC have access to a huge impact and dispersion area in the Norwegian Sea. This reduces the need for expensive guidance systems or flight termination systems, and thus saving costs and / or increase the ability to carry more payload to the targeted altitude.
The region has a low-density airspace and sea surface traffic, giving the base great flexibility in planning and conducting complex launch operations.
The Canada-Norway Sounding Rocket student rocket and exchange program, CaNoRock, sponsored by the Norwegian Space Centre and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is an established and extremely successful student rocket program, recruiting an increasing number of students to space physics and technology.
Quelle: Andøya Space Center
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