Raumfahrt - ISS-ALLtag: Cosmonauts wrap up 5-hour ISS spacewalk



Russian cosmonauts Dmitri Petelin and Sergey Prokopyev concluded their five-hour spacewalk at the International Space Station Friday.

The cosmonauts first spent the day readying their Orlan spacesuits in the Station's Poisk airlock, where they attached batteries, checked for leaks and tested the suits' communications systems.

The pair had completed two previous spacewalks since April, installing a radiator and transferring an airlock from the Rassvet module to the Nauka science module.

The Cosmonauts exited the International Space Station via the Poisk airlock and moved toward the Nauka Science Module, where they activated the radiator the pair attached to the module during an April 19 spacewalk, NASA said.

The cosmonauts spent five hours and 14 minutes on the spacewalk.

The Orlan spacesuits used by Petelin and Prokopyev are an evolution of spacesuits that were intended for the scrapped Soviet moon program but have been upgraded over the decades, eventually for use on the International Space Station.

Cosmonaut Andrey Fedyaev, who assisted Petelin and Prokopyev on previous spacewalks, conducted two experiments on Wednesday, attaching a sensor to monitor his blood pressure and a piece of headgear designed to monitor his reactions to simulated spacecraft and robotic arm operation.

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