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Another Project Blue Book?

Luis/Lue Elizondo implied to George Knapp that he thinks it might be possible that the Pentagon might be interested in forming a new UFO study group. For some reason, Knapp seems to think Elizondo knows what is currently going on at the Pentagon. Apparently, the fact that he had some position in the Department of Defense (DOD) associated with the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP) makes him some sort of inside source. Missed in all of this, is Elizondo is no longer working at the DOD. What information he gets from his old associates is not official and may just be rumor or wishful thinking from those wanting to get a bigger piece of the cash spent by the DOD. In my opinion, there seems to be little interest by the DOD to get back into studying UFOs for many reasons.

The main reason was mentioned by Elizondo over a year ago. It seems that many in the Pentagon wanted little to do with the AATIP while he was present. They appeared to be more interested in threats posed by Russian aircraft near US airspace than any reports of UFOs, which did not appear to pose any threat whatsoever. The AATIP was thrust upon them due to the whims of a powerful Senator, who had close ties with Robert Bigelow. It appears that most of the information obtained by the AATIP was provided by Bigelow. Now that the money is gone, whatever remains of the original program does not appear to be doing much of anything. I suspect that the “office” is still present but it probably consists of a minimal staff, who perform other duties as well. It is possible that the AATIP (or whatever it is now called) is still receiving reports concerning “unknown” objects because nobody bothered to stop circulating such reports to them. I doubt they are taken seriously or have presented anything meaningful.

The Pentagon is run by individuals, who take the idea of defending the country seriously. The one thing they try and do is learn from past mistakes. Their lack of interest in the AATIP is because it appears to be a waste of time. While Project Blue Book closed fifty years ago, the public relations fiasco it ended up as is still in the memory of that organization. Why would they want to go back down that path when even the AATIP could not present anything to support the claim that UFOs presented a threat to the United States? If, as some UFO groups have stated, these reports indicate that they are some sort of aerial hazard, then that is the responsibility of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and not the DOD. The FAA, like the DOD, probably recognizes the public relations problem associated with chasing UFO stories. There is no evidence that indicates UFOs have caused any air accidents, so why should they be concerned?

The bottom line is that, to date, not one iota of good evidence has been presented that demonstrates that UFOs/UAPs are the result of some advanced technology that was “not of this earth” or that they are a threat. We are now SEVENTY years into the “modern UFO era” and we have no good evidence that there is any reason to waste spending taxpayers money on studying the subject. Many in UFO groups actually believe there is a government cover-up. So, why ask the government to study UFOs? The only reason I can see is they want the US government to acknowledge that “UFOs exist”. What many UFO proponents ignore is the fact that “UFOs exist because UFO reports exist”. They are just things that could not be identified by the observer and nothing more than that. If anything has been learned by studying UFO reports is that a high percentage of these reports are nothing more than mistakes. If so many of these reports are due to mistaken identity, what does it say for the small percentage that cannot be easily identified? Could they be mistakes as well?

If UFO groups want science, the government, or skeptics to take these reports seriously, they need to produce the hard evidence that they are right. So far, what they have presented to the public has not been very compelling and there appears to be no progress in improving their approach. The ball remains in their court.

Quelle: SUNlite 1/2019

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