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Have you ever had questions about "rockets" or "satellites", such as;

How does the rocket fly to space?
What are satellites doing in space?

The launch of JAXA's new satellite, "IBUKI-2" is carried out on October 29, 2018. Together with this launch, JAXA releases the Story at guide tour "Voyager" on "Google Earth" provided by Google. The Story tells you about the launch of the rocket or JAXA’s satellites easily and visibly so that everyone, from children to adult, can enjoy learning them.
In the Story, you can learn about the rocket and the satellites during your tour to space by the rocket and viewing the Earth from the satellites.
Let’s fly over the space from your PC, Smartphone or Tablet!


plan, production, and copyright:JAXA, Google

How to view the Story

The Story is released on "Google Earth Voyager" provided by Google.
Please follow the instruction down below.

1.Install a web browser, "Google Chrome" on your computer
[Download page of "Google Chrome"]
2.Start up "Google Chrome" and access the following URL.

[Smartphone / Tablet]
1.Install an application, "Google Earth" through Google Play or App Store
2.Start up your web browser, and access the following URL ("Google Earth" application will automatically start)

Quelle: JAXA

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