Astronomie - Meteors loud boom rattles skies over Salt Lake City and beyond



People across northern Utah and southern Idaho reported hearing a loud boom Saturday morning, sharing clips from security and doorbell cameras on social media of what the National Weather Service confirmed was a meteor.

The service said there was a signature on the Geostational Lightning Mapper. The optical devicedetects lightning – both within and between clouds, as well as from clouds to the ground – over the Americas from a satellite. The signature detected Saturday, the service said, was at 8:31 a.m. local time — the same time as the reported boom.

"Bolstering the meteor theory for this morning's #boom in #Utah, the two reddish pixels shown over Davis and Morgan counties are from the GOES-17 Lightning Mapper, but not associated with evidence of thunderstorm activity in satellite or radar. Likely the meteor trail/flash," the National Weather Service Salt Lake City Utah tweeted.

The University of Utah's seismograph monitoring department confirmed the phenomenon was not related to an earthquake. And there was plenty of video evidence of the boom — some that even included a flash in the sky. 

The American Meteor Society, which collects reports of meteors, received 14 of a fireball over Wyoming, Utah and Ohio on Saturday morning. And even the governor of Utah, out for a morning run, heard the boom, he shared on Twitter – and said it was not related to a military facility, saying it was "likely" a meteor.

The unusual event occurred less than two days after the peak of the annual Perseid meteor shower, during which as many as 150 to 200 meteors an hour can be seen, far exceeding the nonpeak of 50 to 75 meteors per hour. 

This year, the meteor shower coincided with a full moon – the Sturgeon moon, the year's last supermoon – making the meteors harder to see.

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Update: 16.08.2022


Officials: Loud 'boom' heard in north Utah likely a meteor

Officials say a loud “boom” was heard across areas of northern Utah and was likely a meteor

SALT LAKE CITY -- A loud “boom” heard across areas of northern Utah was likely a meteor, officials said Saturday.

Reports of the loud noise circulated at about 8:30 a.m., with people from Orem to southern Idaho posting that they heard the “boom," The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox tweeted that his office confirmed it was not related to any seismic activity or military installations.

The National Weather Service’s Salt Lake City office wrote in a tweet that its lightning detection mapper likely picked up the meteor’s trail flash, which officials said seemed to be confirmed by witness video in Roy.

South Salt Lake resident Wendi Melling was just heading out the door Saturday morning when she heard the noise, which she described as a “loud deep booming sound” followed by a few seconds of rumbling.

“I thought I heard something fall in the house. I have since searched the house top to bottom and the only thing I’ve found was one slat from our wooden fence that had fallen, so that’s a relief,” Melling wrote in a Facebookmessage.

“It did sound similar to sonic booms I’ve heard before, followed by a short incident of a sound similar to low rolling thunder,” Melling continued. “This rumbling noise that followed the boom was maybe on 3-4 seconds.”

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