Raumfahrt - China launches Zhongxing-19 mission from Xichang



China successfully launched the Zhongxing-19 mission on a Chang Zheng 3B/E rocket today (5.11.). The rocket took off at 11:50 UTC from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in China and launched into geostationary transfer orbit (GTO).

This launch is a replacement payload for the previously malfunctioned Zhongxing-18 satellite, which was initially launched on the same rocket configuration in August 2019. After the launch of that payload was confirmed a success, it was later revealed that the satellite had a critical malfunction in orbit, and the satellite was unable to communicate.


The Zhongxing (ChinaSat in English) satellites are owned by China Satellite Communications. They are communication satellites that are produced to serve all kinds of different communication purposes for China. They provide reliable, high-bitrate uplinks for radio and TV stations. This particular payload will cover pacific trade routes, especially in the eastern pacific and the west coast of North America.

The Zhongxing-19 payload arrives at the launch site. (Credit: CASC)

If the satellite is similar to the Zhongxing-18 payload it is replacing, it masses about 5,200 kg and has a dimension of about 2.3 by 2.1 by 3.6 meters. The two solar power arrays provide 10.5 kW together. It can use three-axis stabilization to orientate itself correctly.

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