Astronomie - Crimean amateur astronomer discovers new comet in solar system It was the ninth stellar object that he has discovered



Gennady Borisov

A Crimean amateur astronomer from the hamlet of Nauchny, Gennady Borisov, has discovered a new Solar System comet. It was the ninth stellar object that he has discovered.

According to previous reports, in August, Borisov was the first person in the world to discover an interstellar comet. It was spotted at the boundary of the Lynx and Cancer constellations moving at a speed of about 30km per second.

"I discovered a new comet in early November. I have just received a letter from the Minor Planet Center of the International Astronomical Union. This is not an interstellar comet. It’s an ordinary one, which is a Solar System object. It got the name C2019V1 (Borisov). This is a confirmed discovery," Borisov said.

"This is a distant object flying in the Milky Way among a large number of stars," he added.

That was the ninth comet in a row discovered by Borisov. His first discovery was made in 2013.

Quelle: TASS

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