Science-Fiction - Gibt es bald ein UFO Hotel in Amerika, Baker, Kalifornien für Science-Fiction-Fans


BAKER, Calif., The first UFO Hotel in America is no longer just a fantasy. The $30 million project in Baker, Calif., which is being spearheaded by a charismatic visionary, Luis Ramallo, will feature 31 rooms on two floors designed within a full-scale alien spacecraft where guests can spend the night in alien-themed rooms and dine in an alien-themed restaurant.
"We are tremendously excited about developing the first authentic UFO Hotel in the world, not just in America," Ramallo says. "There are tens of millions of Sci-Fi and UFO fans in the world who have been dreaming of a venue just like this. They will finally have it."
The UFO Hotel, which is in pre-construction development, will have an alien-themed lobby, spa, nightclub and other attractions, such as Sci-Fi fanatics and guests getting married in alien costumes -- on their favorite planet.
"It will be out of this world," Ramallo says with a laugh. "When you enter the hotel, you will feel as if you've been transported to an actual spaceship."
Having already invested major funding into the project, Ramallo is seeking additional fundraising through investors and Kickstarter. He believes Sci-Fi fanatics globally will each kick in contributions to help fund what will be one the world's most unique hotels and may rank among the biggest Kickstarter campaigns in history. The crowdfunding campaign provides backers with a wide choice of UFO Hotel exclusive contribution rewards from $1 to $10,000.
Room rates at the UFO Hotel will be competitively priced, beginning at around $300 a night – "an incredible bargain for a one-of-a-kind experience," Ramallo says.
Alien-uniformed employees will use modern touch-screen technology to check guests in. Monitors will show scenes of activity from all around the spaceship.
As guests walk to their rooms, they will be able to twist various dials and hatch handles. If they turn the wrong one, a warning light and siren will flash, just like on an actual spaceship. There will also be unique photo-ops throughout the spacecraft with alien crew members re-charging themselves in pods.
Ramallo came to America 27 years ago from Argentina with $100 in his pocket. He soon created Alien Fresh Jerky near the infamous Area 51 in Nevada, where the intense secrecy of the U.S. Air Force base made the area a frequent subject of UFO folklore.
Quelle: PRNewswire
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