Luftfahrt - StratXX Luftschiff-Digital-TV-Radio-Übertragungen


STRATXX Airship Broadcasts Digital TV Radio Over 100km of Land

Stratxx Holding AG has recently announced that it has launched a new tethered Airship: the "X-Tower". The airship is designed to carry telecommunications and broadcast payloads.

The team recently carried out a successful longevity test on its unique X-Tower communications airship platform. The Airship successfully flew for the scheduled 23 Days while only using 20 watts of power. The airship broadcasted 12 digital television and two FM radio channels for the entire 23 day flight.

The airship is comprised of several new technologies along with a state of the art aerodynamic design that allows the X-Tower to withstand high wind speeds without being damaged. At a height of 1000m from ground level, the platform withstood airspeeds exceeding 65 mph in the most recent launch.

The X-Tower is comprised of a patented high tech material that is extremely lightweight. The material is durable to the point that it is bullet proof and it retains helium 70% better than conventional materials available on the market today. Stratxx holds several material as well as design patents and they produce almost everything in house.

The Material is a certified Level III Anti-ballistic material and will be certified Level IV this year. In house tests have proven that STRATXX material can stop a 5.56x45mm NATO Full Metal Jacket ammunition and a 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition fired from a H&K G3 travelling at 3500 ft/s with a muzzle velocity of 2500 ft lbf. Strat Here is a Video from the Level III certification test we conducted in 2010 using a 9mm round.

With this new proven technology Stratxx has demonstrated that it can and will proceed with its next development of the "X-Station", a high altitude platform.

Kamal Alavi, Stratxx CEO added, "The X-Tower is the first airship that has successfully proven that digital TV and radio transmissions can be broadcasted from an airship over a long period of time. In addition Statxx has clearly tested and proven that far less energy is required to broadcast in this manor versus current conventional methods."

Stratxx has proven that with much less energy currently used in conventional fixed antennas, a single X-Tower can broadcast to a ground footprint of 100km.

Stratxx is proud that this is the first time a tethered airship has been used successfully in a broadcasting capacity at altitude.

Stratxx next flight will be at 5000 meters above sea level.


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