Astronomie - Mars was not always red: Berkeley experts discuss Mars exploration



Please join us for a moderated conversation with experts from UC Berkeley to discuss the discoveries, challenges, and implications of exploring our solar system. The recent trio of spacecraft arriving at Mars from the US, China, and the UAE thrust the “Red Planet” into the public imagination once again. The landing of NASA’s Perseverance rover reignited an exuberance for planetary exploration in millions around the world. Could life have existed on Mars? What’ve we learned from previous missions? How will this research impact science for generations to come?

You’re invited to hear our experts share experiences with space exploration and Mars science, providing us with insights into what lies ahead.

Speakers: Manar Al Asad, Graduate Student, Earth & Planetary Science; Bill Dietrich, Professor, Earth & Planetary Science; Rob Lillis, Associate Director, Space Sciences Lab; and David Shuster, Professor, Earth & Planetary Science




Quelle: Berkeley University of California

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