Raumfahrt - USAF: Anti-jamming tests of military communications satellites a success



Three virtual anti-jamming tests of wideband global satellite communications satellites were a success, the U.S. Air Force announced this week.

The Space and Missile Systems Center, headquartered at Los Angeles Air Force Base, Calif., said the tests will provide advanced anti-jamming support for the Wideband Global SATCOM, the system that provides satellite communications to U.S. fighters around the world.

The capability, scheduled to become operational in 2022, will allow the WGS constellation of satellites to pinpoint and mitigate any attempt to jam its signal.

"The MAJE [Mitigation and Anti-Jam Enhancement] system will double the anti-jam capabilities for 16,000-plus users," Maj. Shawna Matthys, said in a statement.

The tests included a Maintenance Engineering Evaluation, which verified that the system design can be maintained easily, safely and economically; a Payload Application Software Formal Qualification Testing demonstrated MAJE's ability to provide satellite telemetry monitoring and control; and a First Article Test demonstrated the system's ability to accurately locate signals interfering with WGS.

All tests, with the support of prime contractor Boeing, were completed by the U.S. Army within an 18-day timespan at the end of 2020, a Los Angeles Air Force Base statement said.

The three tests "verified system design and MAJE's ability to provide telemetry and successfully locate signals interfering with WGS satellites," the Space and Missile Systems Center said.

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