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The Roswell slides debacle turns one with no surrender in sight

Jaimie Maussan celebrated the one year anniversary of the Roswell slide reveal with a special program where he continues to proclaim that the body in the image is not a mummy. In that video, he admitted that he paid Anthony Bragalia $5000 for finding the evidence about the mummy that was at Mesa Verde. This sort of came as a surprise to Shepherd Johnson, who filed the FOIA that released the documents. One wonders if Mr. Bragalia even considered giving credit (and part of the reward) to Johnson or the Hadl’s, who had a slide showing the mummy when it was at Montezuma’s castle in the 1950s. Maybe he donated the entire sum to the “American Indian children’s charity”, which he stated he would contribute to back in May of 2015. Then again, he may have simply pocketed the money as compensation for wasting his life away foolishly defending the slides for several years.

Speaking of looking like a fool, Maussan continues to present the opinions of Rios and Zalce as the final word on the Roswell slides. The problem with these two individuals is that they are a pair of overzealous promoters, who are afraid to admit they are wrong. When Rios tried to defend his case in a forum of skeptics, he refused to explain anything and simply cut and pasted images from his blog. It indicated he could not defend his arguments and he flat out refused to enter a debate on how they determined the length of the body. Skeptics attempted to demonstrate he ignored the problems of perspective when making the measurements. When his arguments for this measurement failed, he left the forum.

The same video has Tom Carey stating he is “puzzled” about how the slide could be deblurred by the RSRG and not by his experts. He ignores the possibility that his experts were not properly motivated to deblur the placard. If they wanted the slide to be an alien body, the last thing they wanted to do is discover that placard said it was something else. The same could be said for the experts used by Maussan and Carey to identify the body. They all said it can’t be a mummy and it is 3.5 to 4 feet tall. Careful examination of the image indicates the body is smaller than that but those measuring the body don’t understand the rules of perspective. The same can be said for the experts he relies upon. Carey added that Richard Dobles was the best Anthropologist he ever met. He must have not met many anthropologists because Dobles record as an anthropologist is very limited. There is nothing in his re- sume’ to indicate that he is a premier expert in his field.

Some people simply made their stories up?

Kevin Randle points out that the testimony of Jack Towbridge was unreliable and probably fabricated. When Christopher Allen commented about how witness testimony had become contaminated by the Roswell story becoming widely known, Kevin Randle responded with

But we know that some people embellished their tales, some tried to tell us the truth as they best remembered it, and some just made it the hell up.

Ouch! That one statement says a lot. One has to wonder how many people either embellished their stories or simply made them up.

Howard McCoy and Roswell

Kevin also decided to discuss the impact of Colonel Howard McCoy’s statements in Secret correspondence that indicated he knew nothing about Roswell. The conflict is that McCoy should have known about Roswell since he was at the location, where the debris was supposedly being examined. Randle correctly points out that McCoy never considered the possibility that the public was going to be able to see these memos and letters. Therefore, McCoy was being honest and not trying to conceal his knowledge about the fact that UFOs were alien spaceships. The comments in Randle’s blog presented us with excellent examples of the con- spiracy mindset that is Crashology. The main argument was that the Roswell crash was so secret that nobody (including Presidents and high ranking officers) knew anything, and that those that did, could never mention it in any correspondence. Of course, it did not prevent privates, sergeants, secretaries, and low ranking officers from becoming involved or having knowledge of what transpired. In some cases, they freely exchanged that information with others without concern for any “death threats” for revealing such information. It appears that certain people have invested themselves in the Roswell myth so much that they can convince themselves of anything based purely on speculation.

Wanted: Dead or alive - The Ramey Memo reward

Somebody is offering $10,000 for an accurate reading of the Ramey document. I am not sure what standards will apply to de- termine if the memo is “read” correctly. In my opinion, the only way to determine if it has been correctly read is to have experts, outside of UFOlogy (both pro and con), agreeing with the conclusions. I doubt the technology exists, or will exist, that allows an accurate reading of the document but anything is possible. I am not going to hold my breath on this one.

Quelle: SUNlite 4/2016

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