Luftfahrt - Northrop Grumman reizt 6th generation fighter



Northrop Grumman’s teased 6th generation fighter hints that we haven’t seen the last of the manned combat aircraft.

The defence giant is best known for its long line of flying wings, including the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber and the yet-to-be-unveiled Long Range Strike Bomber.


Northrop Grumman teased computer generated images of the new concept aircraft in a video shown below. The video shows a new mystery fighter flying alongside a few of Northrop’s already flying aircraft.




This sixth-generation fighter initiative is loosely known as the “F-X program” for the USAF and the “FA-XX” for the Navy

Northrop Grumman released a concept drawing of a new sixth-generation fighter design last year which matches this teaser. The Northrop sixth-generation fighter will reportedly be the first incorporate a laser weapon from the start.

Quelle: UK Defense


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