UFO-Forschung - IFO-Universität: Drohnen-Rennen im Wald von Airgonay, Frankreich


Drone Racing Through French Woods
A group of French multi-copter racing fans took to the woods in Airgonay, France for a trial run of ‘Drone Racing’. The goal is to organize a larger drone racing event in the future.The video is in French, so you’ll have to eenable the”subtitles” button to get an idea of what they’re saying, but once you do, you’ll hear the drone enthusiasts discuss what they call a “new discipline,” which involves FPV (first person view) remote-controlled quadcopter racing through a mile-long forest circuit. The pilots compete in groups of four and can only see the course through video glasses. The camera-mounted drones, which are custom-built to smaller sizes to maximize effectiveness, relay the live racing footage back to the user.
“Shaped for the race, these racing drones offer the best trade-off between speed and maneuverability,” the video states. “And the main difference is in the pilot’s vision which, unlike in the traditional use where they never lose sight of the drone, the pilot doesn’t see his drone, but only what the camera of his drone is revealing.”
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Quelle: UAS Vision
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