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The Ramey Memo reading

Iwatched the recent program “Expedition unknown: Hunt for extraterrestrials” (Episode 4: Roswell revealed), where Michael Primeau performed his analysis of the Ramey Memo. These are images from the show that demonstrate what he had confidence in reading:


It is important to note that he felt that “disc” might also be “rise”. Many of these words are consistent with what has been deciphered in the past. However, the “Viewing of the G (or C)......” stood out as differing significantly from what the proponents of the memo have been championing for over a decade. They had read it as “Victims of the wreck”, which implied a crash of some kind. A minori- ty have suggested “remains” and “finding(s)” as well as “viewing”.

Adam Dew interview

Kevin Randle interviewed Adam Dew about his involvement in the Roswell slides. There was not much in the way of new infor- mation. Some points that were mentioned by Dew:

  • Schmitt and Carey are not telling the truth. Dew has video of them examining all the slides and images. When they say they

    never saw the full slides, as they have been stating recently, they are lying.

  • After attempting to keep Tony Bragalia quiet, Dew realized he would never be able to do this. As a result, he let Bragalia run

    wild because he was generating publicity. Dew also stated that Bragalia gave out false information. Kevin Randle apparently

    agreed that Bragalia had a habit of saying things that were not true.

  • Robert Shanebrook “freaked out” when Bragalia contacted him (Bragalia complained that Lance Moody had done this). Dew

    had to calm him down so he could get him to look at the slides.

  • Tony Bragalia sent an e-mail to Dew threatening him not to finish his Kodachrome film (For everyone’s information, this is stan-

    dard for Bragalia. I have received multiple threatening e-mails over the years).

  • The term “Roswell slides” did not originate with him and he believed it was a “naysayer”, who started using the term. I re-

    searched this a bit and discovered that the earliest use of the term appears to have been Nick Redfern in September of 2013. He wrote a piece called “The Roswell Slides: My Perspective”. The term was then used by Rich Reynolds in January of 2014. I first used the term in SUNlite 6-2, published in March of 2014, when I was speculating about dating the slide(s) using the edge code.

  • He was concerned that the testimony of Eleazar Benavides would be nullified by his involvement in the BeWitness program. IMO, one has to question Benavides’ story since he could not tell the difference between the mummy and an actual alien body. I have always been skeptical of his story for various reasons that I have listed before.

    Dew seemed intent on setting the record straight from his perspective. I give him credit for answering all of Randle’s questions. He also seemed to be disappointed in the Roswell Slides Research Group (RSRG) because none of us seemed interested in appearing in his film. I can’t speak for the rest of the group but the comments directed at our group by him, and his buddy Beason, left me with an unfavorable opinion of them. I felt I could not be a participant in his film without appearing bitter.

Quelle: SUNlite 1/2018

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