Raumfahrt - ISRO-Chef AS Kiran Kumar: Bereit zum Bau Raumstation


Ready to build space station if govt says so: ISRO chief AS Kiran Kumar

ISRO chief AS Kiran Kumar
ISRO chief AS Kiran Kumar
ISRO is poised to launch GSLV Mark III-D1 by April this year and the second one within a year. It will carry a satellite that will employ advanced spacecraft technology, including experiments in electrical propulsion, indigenous Li-ion battery and indigenous bus bars for power distribution. The agency was working on capabilities to reduce cost of access to space. For future launches, the country will need a launch vehicle capability that costs 115th or 120th of what it is now, he said.
"Today, we have about 40 satellites but they are not enough to meet the requirement of communication, earth observation or even weather. We need to increase the number of systems operating in space," he said. "We have 6-8 launches per year on PSLV, we need to go to 12 to 18. For that we have to reduce cost."
ISRO is working on semi-cryogenic technology using liquid oxygen and aviation grade kerosene to fuel future launches at lower cost.
On the 104-launch, the ISRO chairman said the agency was not trying to make records. The primary objective was to launch Cartostat. "We made use of the space left and recovered half the cost incurred on Cartostat," he said.
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