Raumfahrt - Progress MS Cargo bekam Befehl zum Abdocken von der ISS-Mission Control Center


Progress MS space freighter undocks from ISS - Mission Control Center
MOSCOW. July 3 (Interfax) - The Progress MS 01 cargo ship has left the International Space Station (ISS), the Mission Control Center (MCC) told Interfax.
"The Progress MS 01 ship undocked from the ISS at 6:48 a.m. Moscow time. The unburned fragments will be buried in the Pacific Ocean a few thousand kilometers from the New Zealand coast," a spokesperson said.
Over the two days of undocking the ship tested a teleoperator control mode.
Progress MS is the ship that will replace freighters from the Progress M-M series. It is fully equipped with digital systems, has backup electric power engines in its docking mechanism, new command-telemetry system devices, and the Kurs-NA rendezvous and docking system made by Russian Space System, which increases the ship's reliability at the most critical stage of its flight - approaching and docking to the ISS. The ship's body is covered by additional protection against space debris and micrometeorites.
Quelle: Interfax
Quelle: Roscosmos
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