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The Roswell Corner
The slides are back!
Tom Carey announced that the infamous slide(s) are supposed to appear in public in 2015. He then went on to describe the slides as showing an alien body being partially dissected in a glass case. This is the same case that has a label on it so people remember that there is an alien inside. Carey went on to state that the alien is three and a half to four feet tall with an “insect-like” head that has been partially removed. He went on to suggest that the wife of the field geologist, who owned the slides, “might” have been involved in World War 2 intelligence. This sounds like the same kind of wild speculation that Carey, Schmitt, and Bragalia are famous for. I do not doubt the slide(s) exist in some form. However, the desperate effort to link them to Roswell is going to take a lot more than guesswork and innuendo.
“Three letter agency” interested in slides?
As if the slide story did not have enough mystery associated with them, Ross Evans reported that his and other’s e-mails had been hacked by a “three letter agency”. While he makes these claims, we are not provided any actual “evidence” of these hacked e-mails. Assuming his claims are accurate, one has to wonder who would benefit from such an attack. Is it possible that somebody involved in the e-mail exchanges might have been the culprit? By generating the belief that the government has conspired to undermine
the slides, it would improve their credibility. If there were a government agency that was interested in covering all this up, they would not have done something so obvous. The slides were pretty much dying on their own and the best thing to do would be to ignore it. This is more of a case of enthusiasts generating a conspiracy in an effort to prop up the weakness of the case. I suggest Ross Evans and his cohorts produce all the evidence before they start making wild government conspiracy claims.
Anthony Bragalia then claimed that Ross Evans, and an unknown individual, were the ones doing the hacking. He presented his version
of events on Kevin Randle’s blog. In this version of the story, there was no “three letter agency” associated with these matters. It appears that it was a third party, who hacked into Bragalia’s e-mail account. Bragalia also claimed that there was somebody pretending
to be an FBI agent, who also became involved. This version of events appears to be more accurate as it describes the kind of behavior one would expect from isolated individuals, who are interested in obtaining information through nefarious means.
In Bragalia’s article, he made several accusations towards Rich Reynolds, which prompted Reynolds to post several blog entries that painted Mr. Bragalia as a very unpleasant person. This tit-for-tat is really silly in my opinion. The story about the slides is at the root of all this nonsense. We continue to teased with promises that these slides are the greatest event since the dropping of the atomic bomb or the first moon landing. These assurances about great UFOlogical revelations have been made before and they have never lived up to the promises. I expect the same will occur with the slides. Ten years from now, the slides will probably be mentioned in the same breath as the “alien autopsy”
Within 24 hours of posting these revelations, Rich Reynolds and Tony Bragalia, who seemed to hate each other intensely, “kissed and made up”. All was right with the world again and we were left wondering if the slides would ever see the light of day. Let’s hope that the new year will see the promised revelation so everybody can chuckle, speculate, and then draw their own conclusions. I continue to wonder, “What happens to Carey, Schmitt, and Bragalia if the slides turn out to be a bust?” Only time will tell.
Quelle: SUNlite 1/2015
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