Raumfahrt - Russland ist bereit in verschiedenen raumbezogenen Projekten mit China zusammenzuarbeiten


On Monday, the Russian Federal Space Agency and the China Satellite Navigation Office signed a memorandum on mutual understanding


Russia is ready to cooperate in several space-related projects with China, Russia’s senior government official said.
“We’d like to work with our Chinese friends in several space services - in cartography and communications. In the future, we’d like to create our own radio-resistant equipment and spacecraft vehicles,” Russian Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin said at a roundtable meeting devoted to Russian-Chinese cooperation in satellite navigation.
“This is a very step in space cooperation as a whole,” Rogozin said.
Russia “is ready to move forward with Chinese friends in such areas as manned space programs, joint exploration of deep outer space, and joint development of the Solar System, the Moon and Mars”, he said on Monday.
Within the roundtable, the Russian Federal Space Agency and the China Satellite Navigation Office signed a memorandum on mutual understanding.

Russia, China Ready to Cooperate in Space, Explore Mars

Russia is ready to work with China to explore the Moon and Mars, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said Monday.
“If we talk about manned space flights and exploration of outer space, as well as joint exploration of the solar system, primarily it is the Moon and Mars, we are ready to go forth with our Chinese friends, hand in hand,” Rogozin said during a roundtable held within the framework of The First Russia-China Expo.
Deputy Prime Minister reminded that Russia is currently pursuing a comprehensive reform of the space industry, trying to catch up with technological progress.
"This is accompanied by accident risks, so we cannot simply watch these developments unconcerned, and the deep reforms that today should lead to the consolidation of the Russian aerospace industry, are bound to yield the desired result very soon," Rogozin stated.
Russian Deputy Prime Minister believes that Russia and China could potentially work together to create spacecraft, “a joint base of radio components independent from anyone,” as well as cooperate in cartography and communication.
Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) and its Chinese counterparts also signed a memorandum of understanding “on cooperation in global navigation satellite systems.”
Rogozin said that the Russian navigation system GLONASS and the Chinese Beidou will very well complement each other.
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