UFO-Forschung - Die Ufologie-Träume der Exopolitik und ihrer Fans


This will be a quick read about a very nonsensical UFO subject. It is a skeptical and common sense look at the back-door approach at legitimizing UFOlogy and elevating UFOOlogists to the social rank of true scientists and, of course, funding their hobby with tax-payer dollars too! It is an opinion piece and Matt Graeber is solely responsible for its content.
As with the many past attempts to persuade normal folks UFology is a serious science or true protoscience. We now have a new ‘UFological Term’ to add to the growing maze of UFOOLogical jargon.
The ‘Exopolitics’ devotees have an active lobby in Washington, D.C pushing the delusional idea that a viable solution to the problem of discovering a clean, efficient energy source may be found in Exopolitics; thereby, possibly ending the ominous threat of Global Warming! Wow, that’s even more miraculous than the ‘Roswell Memory Metal’ which one well-known blogger told me might restore my sight.... that is, if I could first have a friend locate a piece and place it in my hand. Anyway, could Global Warming be successfully addressed with the utilization of highly advanced alien technologies? The Exopolitics experts say the government must ‘Disclose’ all it already knows about ET technology from the many historic saucer crashes it has recovered and the contacts with alien creatures too. Now comes word that Exopolitics expert Stephen Bassett has informed Florida journalist
Billy Cox that for a measeley quarter million dollars the lid can be completely blown off the UFO cover-up! This may not prove that alien space ships or aliens exist. Somehow, I strongly suspect this is just a teaser price. Besides, with all the alleged government leaks talked about in UFO books and hinted at by UFO experts for decades, we probably would have eventually found out for free!
It seems IF there were such a simple solution to the Global Warming problem there would be little need for the rush to Cap and Trade legislation, wind turbine farms, battery-powered automobiles and we could all continue to burn our old light bulbs. But, alas, it is not quite that simple. There are many things in the way of such monumental progress fo humanity!
1.No one has ever proven that UFOs as alien space ships exist.
2. No one has ever presented incontrovertible evidence an alien space ship has crashed or landed on this planet.
3. The UFO proponents arguments are based entirely upon anecdotal testimony, rumors and misidentifications of various kind. Besides all the above,
4. There remains the problem of all the heavy investments in so-called Green Technology development. The investors surely would not want to see their hopes, schemes and dreams dashed by alien technology and a bunch of saucer buffs running around in D.C. Then of course,
5. There is the rather sticky political problem of a ‘cover up’ to protect the investors while the current administration goes down in flames at election time for holding out on America and the World. Or,
6. Would conventional politics raise its ugly head and toss the many investors under the bus?
But, Exopolitics does not seek recognition for its humanitarian virtues alone. Like all human political movements it seeks something more for its promoters to take back to their UFO constituency - such as recognition as a true science, tax-payer funding for Exopolitical researches and the elevation of its proponents into the social, political and scientific fabric of America and the world. UFOlogy might end up being taught in schools and colleges This would be a total shift away from Western sciences and the unchecked
embrace of a myth! It may even be the ultimate perversion of truth for A CENSUS-BASED, media-hyped, ruse.
Exopolitics is an absolute hoax in my opinion. Nothing more than another foolish attempt at rectifying the many past saucer flubs of the faithful as they stretch the truth for the acceptance of the status quo after six-decades of effort (i.e., failed pursuits by countless UFO hobbyists masquerading as serious researchers).
I could have written a very long and detailed expose’ on all this nonsense but there are better things to do with my time, like walking the dog. Exopolitical devotees seem to write exceptionally long-winded declarations but a closer read reveals a great deal of double-talk and fork-tongued mumbo-jumbo. It is fun to watch these UFOOLogists ‘Attempt to tag all the bases’ as they scamper about on the playing field with the big boys of politics. I’ll leave you with a simple one sentence quote extracted from a 2009 newspaper article titled “New York Times article boosts ET/UFO disclosure’. (Also read exopolitics@exopolitics.come for more of the same).
These struggles by Exopolitics to define itself and make room for its unfettered ‘out of the box’ research are the birth pangs, not the death knells of Exopolitics.
Yep, there is nothing quite like ‘truly’ objective journalism - but, they could have mentioned a little something about the Exopolitics discussion on life possibly being discovered on Mars!
Quelle: SUNlite 2/2011
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