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August 9, 1953 Moscow, Idaho

The chronology states:

August 9, 1953--Moscow, Idaho. Three F-86 fighters pursued a large glowing disc reported by Ground Observer Corps. [VII]

Section VII states:

August 9, 1953; Moscow, Idaho. Mr. L.E. Towner, supervisor, and other GOC observers reported a large glowing disc. As three F-86’s closed in to investigate, the UFO abruptly sped up and left the jets behind.

We are not told where this information comes from but it sounds like Mr. Towner may have been the source of information. His version of events differs from what was described in the Blue Book file.


The Blue Book file and a potential solution

What is missing from the story told in “The UFO evidence” are details re-
garding the sighting. According to Blue Book, the time was after Sunset
and it was visible for over six hours. It is true that the USAF did send interceptors to look for the object on two occasions. However, they could not locate anything and felt that what Mr. Towner and his associates were seeing were the lights from Potlatch, Idaho reflecting off of clouds. There is no indication that the UFO had accelerated away in order to evade interceptors, which means that part of the story is more myth than fact.

According to the weather report in the Blue Book file, there was a smoke/haze layer at 5000 feet. The location for the observers were north of Moscow and the light was observed to the east. Potlatch was to the northeast of the observers, which means that it probably was not the source of the lights. However, there was probably another source of the light.

According to the message, the light was pinkish. On August 8, 1953 a thunderstorm had come through and cre- ated forest fires in the region. The smoke and haze was probably created by these forest fires. A forest fire would have created an unusual reflection/glow in the sky. It is important to note that morning nautical twilight began at 12:21Z, which is about 6.7 hours after the sighting started, which lasted for 6 hours. It seems likely the reason the UFO disappeared was because it was some form of reflection by ground lighting and the twilight glow made


To me the evidence is not very convincing and does not support the claim by“The UFO evidence”that UFOs are“manifestations of extraterrestrial life”. It is more than likely that what was seen was a reflection of distant forest fires off of clouds, smoke and haze. This should be removed from the “best evidence” list.

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