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Rocket Lab test flights delayed

Company now plans to conduct first test flight early in 2017.


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TEST flights from Rocket Lab’s Mahia launch site will now take place early next year.


Rocket Lab originally scheduled road closures for test launches between November 17 and December 24. The company is now planning to conduct the first test flight early next year.

Rocket Lab media spokeswoman Catherine Moreau-Hammond said the team had worked tirelessly this year, and with the holidays fast approaching they felt it best to allow everyone a decent break.

Ms Moreau-Hammond said this would also alleviate some pressure on Mahia, which experiences a considerable population spike through the Christmas holidays.

“We’ve had a hugely successful year, and are pleased to have qualified multiple, major vehicle systems, completed Launch Complex 1, doubled the size of our team and completed many regulatory milestones.

“We will continue to make information available to the public in the lead-up to the first test. We are thankful for the continued support of our neighbours, suppliers and supporters,” she said.

Ms Moreau-Hammond said further details about road closures would be available in the coming weeks but there would be no closures this year.

The test launches will see the company send its sleek Electron rocket vehicle into orbit from the Launch Complex 1 site at Onenui Station.

Rocket Lab’s mission is to remove commercial barriers to space, making it accessible by providing frequent and affordable launch opportunities.

The company opened the Launch Complex 1 site in September in a ceremony at Onenui Station.

Quelle: The Gisborne Herald

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