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In August, I performed what I referred to as, “The Bernerd and Hilda Ray memorial tour”. I had planned a vacation out west for several months, and since we would pass through most of Colorado, I convinced my wife to visit some of the places the Ray’s had visited. We saw Great Dunes National Park and the trail ridge road in the Rocky Mountains. We also took the time to visit the Mesa Verde area. While there, I visited the Chapin Mesa Museum, where the mummy was on display in 1946-7.


The museum

What I discovered in the museum was that it really had not changed much in seventy years. The floor and the benches appear to be the same. Missing was the case where the body was displayed but several of the cases had the same type of hole supports seen in the Ray photograph.

I managed to place a small ruler in the same plane as the supports in the display cases and photographed it. The resultant image revealed that the hole size (the round part) was about 0.4 inches (approximately 1CM) in diameter.


If this was the hole size in the Ray photograph, we can estimate the maximum size of the body. The length of the top of the head to the base of the feet is about 1575-1600 pixels. With the hole size measured at approximately 19 pixels, this puts the body at 83-84 CMs or about 33 inches. These are approximate values because of the nature of the measurement. Because the body is closer to the camera than the holes and the head is separated from the body, one should consider this 33-inch value a maximum size. Since the Palmer mummy was supposedly 28-29 inches (approximately 71-74 CM) in length, this measurement does not eliminate that mummy. If one couples this with my previous angular analysis of the images (see SUNlite 7-4), there seems to be little doubt that body is not the120CM length Dr. Zalce calculated and Maussan’s experts have promoted.


The visit to Mesa Verde was very interesting and the actual museum seems to be very similar to what was in place in the 1940s. There appears to be little doubt that the photograph was taken at Mesa Verde and it was the Palmer mummy. Assuming the frames in the photograph were the same type used in 1947, the 120CM body size promoted by Maussan’s experts is false. Any other claims made by Maussan’s experts that the body is not human have to be looked at skeptically because of their inaccurate body length calculations.

Bonus photographs from the Bernerd and Hilda Ray memorial tour


Left: Rocky mountain national park along the trail ridge road compared to photograph from Kodachrome trailer (The sign no longer exists).


Left: Great Dunes national park in Colorado compared to the photograph that Adam Dew referred to as “White Sands”.


Montezuma’s castle, where the “Roswell slides” mummy was discovered.

Quelle: SUNlite 5/2016

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