Luftfahrt - Erste UCAS Prototyp nEUROn FlugerprobungsTest auf Militärflugplatz Decimomannu auf Sardinien


Fight testing of a European-made unmanned combat vehicle has been completed in Italy at an Italian Air Force base, Alenia Aermacchi reports.
The full-sized UCAS prototype of the nEUROn was developed by an industry group led by Dassault Aviation of France. Other team members are Alenia Aermacchi, Saab, Airbus Defense and Space, RUAG and HAI.
Alenia said 12 tests of the aircraft verified nEUROn's low radar cross section and low infrared signature. Testing later this summer in Sweden will be conducted to assess its capabilities in deploying weapons from its internal weapons bay.
"The demonstrator's development activity is an important step in the technology maturation process of the acquired technology, mitigating the level of risk of future investments for UAS in Europe and moving towards systems' development for operational uses," Alenia said.
Additional details of the flight testing at Decimomannu Air Base in Sardinia were not disclosed.
Quelle: SD
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