Raumfahrt - Chinas Long March-11 rocket completes 16 consecutive successful launches



China's Long March-11 carrier rocket has successfully carried out 16 consecutive launches as of Wednesday, according to its developer.

A Long March-11 rocket on Wednesday evening sent the Shiyan-19 satellite into space, marking the rocket's 16th successful launch since it was put into service in 2015, according to the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology under the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

A four-stage solid launch vehicle, the Long March-11 carrier rocket is about 21 meters in length and 57.7 tonnes in weight, with its maximum diameter reaching two meters.

It has been developed to launch small spacecraft into solar synchronous orbit and low Earth orbit, with a carrying capacity to solar synchronous orbit of 500 kg.

Featuring quick response, the Long March-11 carrier rocket has a short launch cycle and low support requirements for launch site facilities, and can be launched from both the ground and sea, said the developer.

It is especially suitable for the rapid networking and complementary-network launch of small commercial satellites and constellations.

Ever since its maiden flight in 2015, the Long March-11 has carried out both ground and sea launch missions at multiple sites across China. In 2023, it will continue to carry out sea launch missions.

These continuous successful launches indicate that the technical state of the Long March-11 carrier rocket is mature. It will move toward a phase of high-density applications, according to its developer.


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