Raumfahrt - China plant 2016, CO2-Monitoring Satelliten zu starten


According to the news, China is planning to launch the global carbon dioxide observatory satellite into space in 2016. Recently, all satellite payloads have finished the samples development.
CO2-observatory satellite aims to establish ground-based data processing and verification system, make monitoring precision be better than 4ppm, and become feasible to monitoring carbon dioxide of world, China and other major regions.
The satellite development program has five systems including satellite system, carrier rocket system, launching site system, measurement and control system, and the ground-based application system.
"National Satellite Meteorological Center (NSMC) of CMA will take charge of ground-based application system development of this satellite based on ground-based system of FY-3 meteorological satellite. Within this year, the internal testing of ground-based system, data receiving and processing of ground-based accepting stations, data verification, new data application will be carried out. " Zhangpeng, deputy director of NSMC said.
Quelle:China Meteorological News Press
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