UFO-Forschung - UFO-Absturz bei Roswell 1947 ? Teil-48


Roswell was a nuclear nightmare? 

Somebody tried to explain Roswell by involving Blue Book’s former head, Major Robert Friend. According to the article, Friend stated that he thought the incident involved an unarmed nuclear device. This is all speculation by Friend and ignores the fact that there is no documentation to support it. In the case of the 11 April 1950 B-29 crash at Manzano base near Albuquerque, NM, there was plenty of documentation. If Roswell involved a nuclear device, of any kind, it would have been well documented and there would have been a paper trail. The 1994 Roswell report mentioned they had looked into this and found nothing. To see what was found, all we have to is read how Mack Brazel described the debris field. Rubber, tin foil and sticks do not make a nuclear weapon or a flying saucer. That description does match what was seen in the Fort Worth photographs. What you see is what you get. This evidence indicates what was found was balloon materials and radar reflectors.


More of the same old nonsens

As I pointed out in last issue, Tony Bragalia is trying to resurrect his failed UFOlogical career with the hope that people will forget his participation in the Roswell Slides fiasco. Readers will recall that Bragalia invented some exotic stories about the Ray’s and how they were “insiders”, who would be allowed to view an alien body. He also tried to portray the Roswell Slides Research Group as liars who had manipulated the slide to create the deblurring of the plaque. His distortion of the truth goes much further than the Roswell slides fiasco and populates a great deal of his writings. The same can be said for his latest interpretations of what public fig- ures stated concerning Roswell. His recent article regarding Dana Perino takes quotes that are nothing more than speculation and then twists them into “Bragalia Facts”, which are similar to the “alternative facts” that have been making headlines over the past year.

Quelle: SUNlite 5/2017