Raumfahrt - Russlands neues Raumfahrzeug wird von Baikonur im Jahr 2022 gestartet werden


ST.PETERSBURG, The first launch of a new Russian spacecraft Federatsiya (Federation) will be carried out in 2022 from Baikonur, the head of the -Russian Federal Space Agency Igor Komarov said on Friday.

"There is a decision that the first launch of the manned spacecraft Federation will be carried out on the Soyuz-5 carrier rocket from Baikonur," Komarov said.

He added that "we in 2022, having seen an increase in competition in the market of launch services and launch vehicles, will provide for the launch of the new carrier rocket, which will significantly reduce the cost of the payload, and seriously increase the efficiency of launch services."

According to him, the Russian Federal Space Agency is going to preserve and develop cooperation with Kazakhstan. "We have now approached specific parameters and an understanding of what we will implement, this has to do with the Zenit complex and its upgrade to the new Soyuz-5 missile, a decision that we recently adopted on accelerated development," Komarov said.


He added that the Russian Federal Space Agency will "seriously cut" budget financing for cosmodromes, since Kazakhstan will take the main costs of the ground infrastructure for this project. At the same time, as Komarov noted, in part funding for the development of the missile can be obtained from a private investor.

"Representatives of S7 expressed interest, although the costs for developing the rocket are with the Federal Space Program," he explained.

Quelle: TASS

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