UFO-Forschung - Unzureichende Informationen in NICAP-Dokument als UFO-Beweis -TEIL 22


June 23, 1958 England AFB LA
NICAP describes the event as:
June 23, 1958- -Nr. England AFB, Louisiana. State policeman photographed two round UFOs. [VIII]1
This photograph was described in section VIII:
41. England AFB, La.--State Police case. Polaroid pictures taken by a state policeman at 12:20 p.m. were published by the Alexandria Daily Town Talk. The officer stated he saw “two glowing balls” in the sky and that it “scared hell out of me.” He was not sure whether it was one double object, or two separate ones close together. The Air Force later stated the “UFO” was a reflection off the windshield of the patrol car. NICAP letters to the state police were not answered.2
However, there was no copy of the photograph for readers to view. It seems that,
despite the photographs being published in the local media, NICAP never seems
to have examined them. The UFO evidence simply gives the analysis of “incom-
plete” because there was not enough information. How can something be considered “evidence’ if it is “incomplete”?
The Blue Book investigation
When one examines the Blue Book record, one quickly discovers that NICAP omitted some critical points.3
There was another trooper in the vehicle with him
The photographs were taken through the windshield
The photographer did not see the object unless he was looking through the viewfinder of the camera.
The photographs are in the files but they are not that impressive. To me, they look like reflections in the windshield. termined that it probably was light leaking through the camera bellows. In either case, the image is not that impressive.
We can’t call this definitively explained but the photographs do not appear to show a physical object. The photographs are suspect simply because the second trooper did not see anything even though the event lasted for at least 30 seconds. It is stated he was looking in the wrong direction but one has to wonder why the trooper would not notice the object in front of him!
I also noticed that the two photographs4&5, which are only separated by 30 seconds, show cloud formations that indicate that a more significant time frame may have elapsed between photographs. It makes one question the estimate of 30 seconds and why the other trooper was unaware of the event.
The fact that the photographer only saw the object through the viewfinder and he photographed through the car’s windshield makes one suspect this is a reflection of some kind. There is no reason to suspect this photograph is evidence of UFOs being some form of advanced technology not from this earth. It is not good evidence and never should have been listed as such.
Quelle: SUNlite 3/2016
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