Astronomie - Aurora über Rogers City, Michigan


Rogers City, Michigan Northern Lights 
So, this week I have been on a pretty incredible road trip. Started with a concert with friends in Louisville, Kentucky for a few days, then I branched off and went on my own to do some hiking in Virginia, only to have the trail I was going to hike be washed out. So, I drove without a destination on the back roads of Virginia and West Virginia and found some pretty awesome stuff including a observatory and old steam train rides in a small town of West Virginia. While on my way back to Ohio, I heard about the aurora potential, and since I still had a few days off work. I decided to head for Northern Michigan from West Virginia.
Upon arrival, things looked epic leading up until night fall. Then, just like clock work, and every other time I go up here. Levels died right as the sun went down. I was angry, looking down at my phone at data. Only to look up and see a big green arc over the lake. I rushed out and started snapping away and the aurora went bonkers for about 15 minutes! So surreal seeing these with your eyes dance across the sky!
Quelle: Aaron Rigsby